The Relax & Retreat Story

The Relax & Retreat Hot Tub story began in the early 2000s where the owner worked for a small pool and spa company, moving hot tubs to supplement his income while going to school. This is where his passion for customer service and knowledge surrounding hot tubs began. Fast forward to 2012 and we’ve started our own company, opened our first retail store and have been on an epic ride ever since. From our beginnings, we’ve stayed true to our core beliefs of delivering an exceptional experience for our customers while offering unparalleled value. We owe a huge thanks to our customers for joining us on this awesome journey and for putting their faith in us for all their product and service needs. As a company in the Dallas / Fort Worth area founded on customer service we live by three principles: Offer Value for our customers while making it a Pleasant and Seamless experience and take care of our Employees. We feel that if we can nail all of these we’ll continue to cultivate a business full of loyal customers and employees.

As we continue to grow and move forward we hope that you’ll continue to be a part of our story!