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Relax & Retreat

Hot Tubs Reviews:

Stories From Our Customers

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We visited a few places before ending up here. My wife and I were very impressed by the staff and variety of selection they had. We ended up purchasing one of the smaller Viking Spas and are loving it. Definitely worth checking out, doesn’t have all the glitz and glamour of some of the places we visited but they had the best prices and service staff in town.

Flyer Rentals

Bought a hot tub last August and we couldn’t be happier! They are very personable and responsive with any questions and/or issues with the tub. The technician came out today and got us up and running, despite the issue was user error, and was informative on how to prevent if ever happens again. Thanks guys! We appreciate the customer service as it is hard to come by now a days.

Cory Winsor

I was referred to Relax & Retreat Hot Tubs by a friend who purchased a Viking Hot tub from them a while back. My Husband and I have gone to their house and used the hot tub a few times and we really enjoyed the experience.

When we decided to look at hot tubs, we went to Relax & Retreats showroom. We found the staff to be incredibly knowledgeable and friendly. We had planned to check a few different places out that day, but after our experience and friends referral we decided to do business with Garrett at Relax and Retreat. Garrett was patient, answered all our questions and even offered financing.

After we made our decision, the tub was delivered in a few days (awesome right?). The delivery crew exceeded all expectations even with a rather difficult installation, which was included BTW. It was also nice to see smiles on their faces the whole time.

Although Relax & Retreat did not do the electrical install, I was referred to a licensed electrician by Relax and Retreat who beat all other quotes. Relax & Retreat handled and scheduled the electrical install with the electrician so he could be there at the same time (which they said isn’t always possible or necessary but sometimes works out).

Our whole experience was amazing and we couldn’t imagine it being any better. You can really feel the difference when a company cares and takes the time to “earn” their customers. Garrett even called us a couple weeks after our purchase to make sure everything was up to our standards and that we were still happy, which we are!

Although the whole experience has been fantastic, I only decided to leave this review after that last call Garrett made to us.

Now when we have friends over to use our hot tub, we definitely tell them to go see Garrett!

Melissa Roberson

They have an excellent selection of new and used spas, but more importantly great customer service. Garrett has been super helpful.
We purchased a new Viking Legend II and were happy with the deal and installation was a breeze.
I highly recommend you check them out and compare the quality and prices with some of the other local stores – you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Gary T

Friendly staff, very accommodating and great prices. I would definitely check them out if you’re in the market.

Erin Bailey

I stopped in to check out R&R during a soft opening and was impressed with their knowledgeable team, variety of options, and clean showroom. Would definitely recommend to others.

Ray Serzanin
Recently bought a pre-owned 2009 Leisure Bay hot tub from Garrett and his staff. They met and exceeded all expectations, including troubleshooting a wiring issue when the electrician hooked the power up incorrectly to my breaker box! Would recommend to friends and family. Richard & Debbie
Richard Rice