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2017 Hot Tub Models

NorthWind Hot Tub™ models are built to be the perfect entry-level hot tub for young families and couples looking to get into hot water. With a fit and finish of hot tubs twice their price, you are getting true value throughout. Canadian craftsmanship, high-grade pressure treated frame, multi-layer re-enforced fiberglass acrylic shell in a variety of colors and pattern finishes. Ergonomic seating, precision EXA Hydrotherapy Jets, high-end spa pumps and digital controls are built to last. Even the worst Canadian winters.

EL Series

These low profile spas have a height of 36″ and are built to provide the highest value for the absolute lowest price. The EL Series is crafted with the same quality materials, but is manufactured using a more streamlined production process. This allows us to offer a more modest price tag that is more attractive to first-time spa buyers.

SL Series

With a height of 36″ these hot tubs are easily accessible and offer a very economical price tag compared to a Hot Tubs of the same build quality from our competitors. A variety of optional features lets you customize your SL Series Spa to your lifestyle.

7c (Non-Lounger)

7 Foot by 7 Foot Spa

7l (Lounger)

7 Foot by 7 Foot Spa

8c (Non-Lounger)

8 Foot by 8 Foot Spa

8l (Lounger)

8 Foot by 8 Foot Spa


Everyone knows the some of the best hot tubs in the world are made in Canada. Our climate means that we have to make the most rugged high quality spas that will last through the cold Canadian winters.

Our years of manufacturing and field experience make the difference, everything we know has gone into making our spas the best in the industry. Quality components, superior manufacturing procedures and skilled craftsmanship all come together to produce a hot tub that we can proudly call our own.

If you are in the market for a spa or hot tub, contact us today to see one of our hot tubs in action. We have dealers all over the world waiting to get you into hot water!